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Gannon Dunkerley & Company initially incorporated as a Private Ltd Company in 1924 was converted to Public Ltd. Company in 1948, after taking over by Indian Management.

Gannon carved out its name in the Civil Construction, after diversification and gradually made its presence felt in all major sectors of construction, both Industrial and Infrastructure, throughout the country.

GDCL developed confidence with successful completion of several major Civil Construction projects.

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Gannon Dunkerley
Gannon has carved out a name of pride in the field of Civil Construction of major industries like Power Plants and Refineries, steel Plants, Aluminium Plants, Cement Plants Sugar Factories, Textile Mills and various other industries.
Civil Construction
Presently the Company is also constructing Bridges & Flyovers, Roads, Railways-lines etc. and plans to enter these fields in a big way.
Railway Sleeper Factory
Prestressed Concrete Railway Sleeper Factory at Rayagada is manufacturing about 1 lakh sleepers annually.
Micro Piling for Erection of Ground based Towers for R4G
Delhi Division bagged Railway Bridge Project on River Titas in Bangladesh
Execution of Difficult Task by Adopting Innovative Technique
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